Bring color into your yard or garden with a wine barrel planter. We have all shapes and sizes. Also can do custom orders, so if you need a special something to fit in that certain space, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. 

Qtr_edited.wall planter w_trellis$27
GWheelbarrel flowers.jpg
hangin trough planter
Custom Trough Planter
Hlf.Corner Planter
3/4 Wall Planter
hangin trough planter$185
trough planter2
Qtr.Barrel Display Backet
Inside-out ring planter.jpg
planter with tabletop.JPG
G.corner qtr.planter w trellis2.JPG
G trough wall planter.jpg
G.hlf.corner planters (2).jpg planter.jpg
G.puncheon wishingwell2.jpg
G.hanging planter.02.jpg
G.hanging planter 00.jpg
GG.olivers signs.jpg

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